I'm Coding a Game Part 2

In my last installment I covered sprites, objects, and was able to make a basic scene with a movable sprite. In this installment I added a better graphic to my main sprite, and cleaned up the scene a bit.
When I first started the game my sprite looked like this:

Now… feast upon some of my best work!!!

Now I know what Michelangelo meant when he said, “It is easy. You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David.”

He goes by the name of Chester Deadeye McKillingsworth III. He fought for the 1st regiment back in the war of ought 6. When the war was over, his personal battle had just begun. No longer could he go back to guessing people’s weight at the carnival. Oh, did I forget to mention, he came from Carnie folk? Yeah, his mother was the bearded lady, and his father was the strong man. Those memories, like his humanity, were now a thing of the past
If you’re wondering how I came up with such a vivid back story it’s because I spent many evenings during high school playing Dungeons and Dragons instead of talking to girls… I was pretty, pretty cool.
As for the actual programming, I did redo the main sprite, and changed the color of the background so it’s easier to see the character.